Mass Tort/Class Action Settlement Adminstration


To date, we have administered over $2.5 Billion in Settlements. Hired by attorneys and Courts, our firm has over twenty years of mass tort and class action settlement administration experience and acumen.

We are experts in this. A highly specialized area, and with seasoned attorneys, CPAs, and accountants, we actively handle all areas of mass tort/ class action settlement administration, including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting in the development of a settlement agreement after serving as mediator and/or co-mediator with counsel and/or the Court in mass tort and class actions;
  • Serving as Special Master;
  • Providing legal advice to the Settlement;
  • Consensus building with parties and development of a claimant payment matrix;
  • Determination of claimant eligibility for benefits;
  • Resolution of Medicare/Medicaid issues;
  • Resolution of Private Health Insurance liens;
  • Handling of all tax, financial and accounting aspects of the settlement fund;
  • Working with third party vendors regarding settlement duties; and
  • Reporting to the Court and the Parties.

In addition to many others, we have been appointed Special Master and/or Claims Administrator, and have administered and are administering the following mass tort/ class action settlements:

  • $1.1 Billion Baxter, Bristol, and 3M Breast Implant Settlement, involving in excess of 200,000 individuals nationwide;
  • $300 Million Anniston, Alabama PCB Settlement- Tolbert, et al., v. Monsanto involving 18,500 Plaintiffs;
  • $140 Million Perrine v. DuPont medical monitoring and property remediation settlement in Harrison County, West Virginia;
  • $27.5 Million Wayne v. Pharmacia PCB Settlement in Jefferson County, Alabama;
  • Jefferson County, Alabama, $37 Million Occupation Tax Refund Settlement;
  • Kentucky Train Derailment settlement in Sheperherdsville, Kentucky involving 4,000 claimants;
  • Total Body MDL Settlement, MDL 1985 in the Northern District of Alabama; and the
  • Conyers, Georgia Biolab Fire Settlement involving medical, personal injury, and property claims in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York City, NY.
  • Blackwell, Oklahoma Zinc Smelter $140 Million Settlement