Our knowledge of the complexities of the law, the nuances of interpersonal relationships, and our experience has allowed us the distinction of being hired and appointed by lawyers and federal and state courts to mediate and to administer multi-billion and multi-million dollar mass tort and class action cases. In addition, for more than twenty years, Gentle Turner & Benson, LLC has represented individuals, companies and governmental entities in personal injury, business, tax and commercial matters.


The law is a contact sport -one that requires compassion, attention, diligence, and loyalty to the client and to the legal process. Our clients become our family, and our representation is based on a careful focus on not only the legal issues at hand, but the goals of our clients, and the impact of our recommendations upon them.


We love what we do. In our personal injury representations, we seek to make our clients whole. In our business matters, we seek to protect our client’s interests. In our mass tort and class action settlement matters, we often participate in nation building and in working with legal and other parties to bring the best results to the claimants.