Mass Tort/Class Action Settlement Adminstration

Attorneys in This Practice

Edgar C. Gentle, III

Terry D. Turner, Jr.

Katherine A. Benson

Jennifer L. Blankenship

J. Christoper Smith

To date, we have administered over $2.5 Billion in Settlements. Hired by attorneys and Courts, our firm has over twenty years of mass tort and class action settlement administration experience and acumen.

We are experts in this. A highly specialized area, and with seasoned attorneys, CPAs, and accountants, we actively handle all areas of mass tort/ class action settlement administration, including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting in the development of a settlement agreement after serving as mediator and/or co-mediator with counsel and/or the Court in mass tort and class actions;
  • Serving as Special Master;
  • Providing legal advice to the Settlement;
  • Consensus building with parties and development of a claimant payment matrix;
  • Determination of claimant eligibility for benefits;
  • Resolution of Medicare/Medicaid issues;
  • Resolution of Private Health Insurance liens;
  • Handling of all tax, financial and accounting aspects of the settlement fund;
  • Working with third party vendors regarding settlement duties; and
  • Reporting to the Court and the Parties.

In addition to many others, we have been appointed Special Master and/or Claims Administrator, and have administered and are administering the following mass tort/ class action settlements:

  • $1.1 Billion Baxter, Bristol, and 3M Breast Implant Settlement, involving in excess of 200,000 individuals nationwide;
  • $300 Million Anniston, Alabama PCB Settlement- Tolbert, et al., v. Monsanto involving 18,500 Plaintiffs;
  • $140 Million Perrine v. DuPont medical monitoring and property remediation settlement in Harrison County, West Virginia;
  • $27.5 Million Wayne v. Pharmacia PCB Settlement in Jefferson County, Alabama;
  • Jefferson County, Alabama, $37 Million Occupation Tax Refund Settlement;
  • Kentucky Train Derailment settlement in Sheperherdsville, Kentucky involving 4,000 claimants;
  • Total Body MDL Settlement, MDL 1985 in the Northern District of Alabama; and the
  • Conyers, Georgia Biolab Fire Settlement involving medical, personal injury, and property claims in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York City, NY.
  • Blackwell, Oklahoma Zinc Smelter $140 Million Settlement